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Rates / Insurance

Individual sessions (50 minutes) cost $85

Payment is due at time of services.

Sliding scale payments are available in certain circumstances.

I am not contracted with any insurance companies at this time. I am happy to provide invoices/receipts and Superbills to clients wanting to seek insurance reimbursements. I also am using the provider Mentaya to aid in the process of navigating out-of-network reimbursements (see below).


Grounded Counseling Practice is not able to guarantee reimbursement for any services provided. 

Out-Of-Network Insurance Reimbursement -

Some insurance plans do offer reimbursements for out-of-network providers, if you are interested in going this route, you can use the Mentaya box below to do a preliminary check to determine if your insurance will reimburse you for sessions.

Benefits of Private Pay for Counseling-

There are some benefits of private, out-of-pocket pay, as opposed to billing insurance. Private pay allows you greater freedom and authority over your mental health and wellness, by allowing you to choose your own therapist as well as the amount of time you want to work with that therapist. Furthermore, interventions can be more specifically tailored to each individuals needs, since the therapist is not required to adhere to insurance companies specifications. Private pay allows for the highest level of privacy, since it removes the requirement for a mental health diagnosis from your therapist (unless you desire one), which keeps all of your mental health records more confidential.

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